Libraries at Webscale

The OCLC look at “Libraries at Webscale” is very intriguing. The ease at which access can be scaled and provided across many communities and indeed countries makes it an undeniably attractive avenue for information dissemination in libraries. Providing access to resources at webscale increases user engagement and obtaining access to resources at webscale increases the ability of the institution to provide users with the information they are seeking. In terms of management the ability to operate many institutions through webscale is desirable to streamline efficiency and interoperability between multiple branches of an institution.  I think the major thought to take away from this report is that whether we desire webscale or not, webscale is upon us and the requirements to efficiently utilize the scope and power of this highly connected nature of technology and environment.


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  1. The “webscale” concept definitely points a way forward, not only for libraries, but for all kinds of information-oriented for-profit and not-for-profit entities … it’ll be interesting to watch in the coming decades!


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