Competencies Required for Digital Curation: An Analysis of Job Advertisements

The article “Competencies Required for Digital Curation: An Analysis of Job Advertisements” is very fascinating to me as I have worked with primarily digital assets now for over a year. At first the job was very daunting and difficult to find standardized information about procedures and policies pertaining to digital material. For this article the authors surveyed almost 200 job advertisements for positions they bring under the term “digital curation”. Even this term is not a common precept among employers offering these types of jobs or even potential employees seeking these jobs. Essentially the role of digital curator is a niche that is being carved out by those pioneering ways to effectively, efficiently, and pragmatically organize, manage, and apply information principles upon digital material. The article details attempts to create a standardized job description, roles, tasks, and duties that should be expected of a digital curator. Interesting to me was the discovery that the posted qualifications for many job advertisements is essentially the same as many of jobs in information institutions, that is, an ALA accredited degree in LIS. Many activities relating to the management of digital content, as per the analysis of job advertisements, are similar or indeed the same as those traditionally thought of fro print collections. The concept I took away from the article is essentially that the “devil is in the details”.  That is to say the refinement occurring in the specific functions of digital curation through job advertisements is crucial to establishing the digital curator as a member of the library staff.



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