Defining “Born Digital”

The essay “Defining ‘Born Digital’” is a very nice overview of the trappings associated with digitally created content. The types of digital content it identifies are the most prevalent forms of content that one would encounter when managing a digital collection and he does a very nice job explaining these types of material and their origins. Most important is the identification of key issues involving digital content management. Much as procedures and techniques had to be constantly developed and refined for print collection so to does digital content present challenges both for current management initiatives and for future endeavors in the management of digital content. Changing formats, file types, program capabilities, and many other factors must be considered to keep digital content accessible and relevant to end user needs. Also important in this essay is the mention of the lack of turnkey solutions for managing digital content. I think this is due to the almost trailblazing nature of digital content management, that is, the need in many instances to develop completely new policies for handling digital content and constant review of the policies for practicality.  Having worked with digital content for over a year I can attest to the unwieldy nature of differing formats, file types, and the rest of the overwhelming variety of digital content specifications.

The essay:


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  1. So true about having policies for digital content and reviewing them as things change but there are some that don’t realize they need to have policies and scramble to manger their content.


  2. Effectively and efficiently handling born digital content poses THE challenge for our profession for all the reasons you point out!


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