What is the DPLA?

The article “What is the DPLA?” provides an overview of the Digital Public Library of America contemporary to the time when it was preparing to launch its first iteration. Personally I find the DPLA initiative particularly fascinating based on the scope of its mission and the methods of its execution. The scope at its launch and presently contains mostly public domain material – which alleviates copyright concerns – but the true scope of the DPLA is to be an inclusive record of the participating institutions’ digital offerings. This scope is grandiose to be sure, but seems ever more achievable as collections become digitized and born digital material is curated. The methods for presentation utilize common internet technology to provide effective exhibition – including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, et al. As the DPLA grows its partner institutions the collection will certainly reflect this growth. This will allow smaller institutions to utilize the resources of the partner institutions and provide them a greater variety of services than they might have otherwise and for essentially no cost as most will have sufficient equipment for accessing the DPLA. The author here sums up the potential of the DPLA best with his closing sentences when he writes: “The form that the DPLA will take in five, ten, 20 years? That’s up to all of us. And the best is yet to come.” I think the DPLA has the potential to be a great resource if it is utilized as the community enriching and collaborative resource which it has been conceived as.

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  1. The DPLA will serve both as example and as foil this semester … stay tuned!!


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