Revelations from the literature

I enjoyed the analysis presented in “Revelations from the literature” which discusses how web scale discovery services have already changed professional practice and analyzes the literature focusing on web scale discovery services to demonstrate the state of web scale delivery efficiency. The literature concerning web scale discovery services grew exponentially from 2010 to 2012 as demonstrated in the article.  This literature forms the basis for the authors’ analysis and demonstration of how web scale searching has changed professional practice. As web scale implementations explode in implementation it is important to have abase understanding of how the Google phenomenon has changed practices, policies, and behavior for both the professional and the end user. However, like many things in the digital realm, implementation is the easy part – it is efficient development which is the difficult part of the equation. Also challenging is changing the perception of these library tools as simply another form of “Google search” and impress upon the users the difference in integrity, quality, relevancy, and other factors between a simple web search tool and a library implemented web scale discovery service.



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  1. Good post! As you point out, understanding that we’re in a larger search environment is important .. there search engines are out there!!!


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