Digital Public Library of America: Young but Well Connected

Unlike the previous article I examined which was a bit of introduction to the Digital Public Library of America this article discussed a bit more of the function of DPLA. Specifically the authors discuss the concepts of “service hub” and “content hub” by which the DPLA diffuses its workflow. The article’s content is a dated, but measured description of these functions. What caught my attention most were the comments that have been left since this article was published in 2013. They address deficiencies in both the service hubs and content hubs. One comment thread discusses the deficiencies of the discovery service of the DPLA while the final comment questions why there is no information on contemporary information. Metadata interoperability is the key to the speed at which DPLA can expand its offerings. Though I don’t think it is necessary for DPLA to contain information as rapidly as suggested by the final comment mentioned earlier, it would serve the interest of the DPLA to account for the information that is being sought and not found even if they do not adopt this information into their collection management.



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  1. I think I learn as much from the comments on our readings as the readings themselves!


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