Abbott government’s metadata plan tipped to cost $300m

This article once again brings metadata into the news. In reading the latest about this situation in Australia I was struck wondering just how this data is kept and handled. The reported on political component of the issue seems to revolve around who will foot the bill for the effort of retaining the data (referred to as “the scheme”), but I failed to find information describing how this data would be handled. More importantly, who will be handling this data and what will be their qualifications? From the article it seems the decision of cost sharing is yet to be decided and does not directly mention who will be handling the data. Presumably the Australian government is requiring companies to employ and train individuals to be caretakers of this information. Given the current climate of hostile data breaches it is alarming that more focus is not given to the means and personnel of “the scheme” described in the article. The secure and proper management of this information will be critical to successfully executing the mandate of the government.



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  1. Great point about data security. I wondered the same thing, and you captured the questions perfectly.


  2. There’s probably a massive government server farm somewhere in the Outback. I’m curious as to how valuable this (meta)data will be in coming decades and centuries .. interesting post!!


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