RE: This isn’t the gaming experience you’re looking for. . .

Well I had to write a response to a posting about gaming given my position as owner/operator of HB Gaming in Tuscaloosa. I shared an anecdote in the comments over at Metadata For Breakfast from the early days of our business. I had proudly setup a Super Nintendo console (my own) in the store among all the other consoles we have and we invited the UA gaming club down to checkout the place. One of the visitors exclaimed upon seeing the SNES, “Oh wow I’ve never actually seen an SNES in person?” – this left me feeling aged and shocked she had never seen this device. I think it highlights though that we are fixed to certain devices by our place in time, or the age in which we matriculated. It is important to remember that there are many more avenues for information that we neglect from the past and that we can never anticipate those that will develop in the future. The best course of action then is stewardship with an eye on the past and our thoughts on future accessibility.


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  1. I like your point about avenues of information that we neglect from the past. I wonder what else we’ve forgotten? Also, your point about an eye on the past but thoughts on future accessibility is well taken. We need to think about what is the most important thing to preserve–is it the hardware, or is it the content? Or is it the experience of using the content?


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