RE: What else to include in image records?

This post does a fantastic job of synthesizing the referenced information concerning management of digital images. Alteration of digital objects is so easily achievable it is perilous to assume that all digital representations are true 1:1 copies of their physical counterparts. This could lead to the consideration that it is futile to digitize in the first place. However, obviously widespread dissemination is only reachable through digital distribution. Commercially in the video game market companies have realized this as well. A software company, Valve, launched a digital distribution service known as Steam in 2003 and quickly dominated sales of personal computer video games. In 2015 you will rarely ever find personal computer games sold at retail in physical manifestations due to the effect of Steams digital distribution. Obviously digital distribution allows reach to a wider audience at a very low cost compared to maintaining multiple physical locations. In the case of libraries many items are of course unique which further constitutes rational for digitization and circulation via electronic means.


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