A Massive Social Experiment On You Is Under Way, And You Will Love It

I read this article in a recent issue of Forbes magazine. It discusses speaker manufacturer Jawbone and their foray into wearable technology. Their product line includes a wrist device that tracks the user producing information on steps taken and sleep patterns. Analyzing the collected data the company was able to determine it’s accuracy sufficient and started directing guidance to individual users to change their behavior patterns. The article goes on further to discuss the immense amount of resource put into studying behavior in an attempt at creating the most optimal design for the desired user behavior. In the previous post I was looking at the author railed on about the potential thought police/Big Brother effect of the government potentially using collected metadata to attempt to predict behavior, but big companies like Google are already doing this with the data freely given to them.



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  1. It is intriguing what these companies are doing, and I’m for it. Voluntary participation in using devices and other people to improve life has gone on since we’ve asked our SO to remind us to call our mom tomorrow. We should be motivated to seek devices from private companies that allow us to change our behavior in ways we would like.

    Now, there is a huge difference between private companies and governments being involved in this, the main being that the government is allowed to point a gun at you if you’re doing something they find sufficiently punishable. And events like the Facebook incident reminds us that private companies can do something we don’t like, but the article is also correct in that we tend to find ways around it.

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  2. I have a Fitbit Flex that was given to me as a gift. I love that it tracks my steps and I used it when I first got it to track my sleep. It’s great knowing you can have a device that tracks these things, but I never thought of Big Brother watching me. I know from a previous post someone mentioned Google tracking out data, but I never thought my FitBit tracks and keeps a log of my data for their use. Good thing I’m lazy about always wearing it.


  3. This is fascinating! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Fitbit One and would totally opt in to them doing research on my data (Damen, as always, your comment is great!). It is a little creepy, but hey, if it’s going to make my life better (or my sleep better!!!), I’m probably for it. I thought the Modern Family vs. Walking Dead shoutout was interesting–I wonder if people actually already realized they were sleeping worse when watching Walking Dead, but that nudge from “big brother” convinced them to change their habits. It kind of keeps you in check, like working out with a buddy!


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