DC Type element: A Change of Heart

When we received our elements I at first considered I had made a folly in choosing Type. Since this collection is all images, what use would my element be? “It says Images in the title”, I thought to myself. In reading the DCMI definition of Type closely though I was struck by the advice, “…best practice to ensure interoperability is to include at least one general type term from the DCMIType vocabulary in addition to the domain specific type term(s)…” It occurred to me I was thinking only locally in my dismissive thoughts on Type and neglecting to consider that these images would be of interest to other institutions which may desire to utilize them within the parameters of their institutions policies. I believe now that utilizing DCMI Type vocabulary – in addition to any local descriptions of Type we may deem relevant and useful – will ensure that the collection can be integrated with outside systems efficiently and effectively. Further I think the Type terms “Image” and “Event” are both applicable to efficient utilization of the image collection. Before using the “Event” term though, further explication of proper usage would be necessary.


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  1. Hear, hear! Excellent points. You have my vote.


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