A Rose by any other name, would still be a Flower.

My DC element is Type and, admittedly, for this particular project it is a straightforward choice both in terms of our choice to keep it and in its usage for this application. DCMI provides a vocabulary for Type which can be reviewed here:


Reviewing this vocabulary it is immediately obvious that for this application we will use the “Image” label for all of our photos. We may find the additional labels “StillImage” or “MovingImage” applicable to some of our material, but ultimately these two labels are to be used under the auspices of the broader label “Image”.

While the distinction in our application is very straightforward, it is easy to understand how this element can be more complicated in a diversified collection of objects. At around 12 labels, the DCMI vocabulary may seem succinct, but if you review the labels and what they are intended to encompass they really cover almost any object conceivable. In this element the effectiveness of the DCMI to allow simple description of objects is very prevalent.


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  1. Have you figured out why this DC vocabulary includes “Image” AND “still image”?? What’s the difference (if any)?


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