Sir Tim Berners-Lee Gives Congress Vision Of The Future

This article, why dated somewhat, resonates for several reasons. Most profoundly because this issue is still under scrutiny, though some measures have been enacted since the hearings described in the article. What drew me to this article particularly is the vision expressed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a man whom any computer nerd worth his salt reveres for his contributions to computer technology. The “scifi-esque” manner in which he envisions the future is not a far cry from the direction we see technology heading in 2015 with many ventures exploring virtual reality or augmented reality technology. What is striking to me though, through the lens of LIS, is the required sophistication of data management required to maintain accuracy in an always on world. Some of the scenarios in the article seem to be very desirable, but as we have already seen with “smart” appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves these devices are vulnerable to outside attacks. With a need for accurate information that is also stored securely it will be increasingly imperative for information professionals to have a guiding presence in development of storage and retrieval policies and practices.


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