2500 metadata ‘cops’ to search phone and internet records

If you have read some of my previous blog posts about this story from Australia you know that I have consistently asked why there was not more information about who would be manipulating this information and how it would be manipulated. This picture has started to become clear as details were revealed about the authorities who will be able to access the retained data the government has now mandated all companies to retain.

2500 government officials have authority to access metadata records without a warrant. The New South Wales Police, responsible for policing Australia’s most populous state, has 900 officers with authority to grant junior officers requests. I have to agree with the observation in the article by the University of NSW professor that the number of officials able to access this data in this manner without external controls seems to fly in the face of convention. In a post Edward Snowden world it is baffling that more interest is not being paid to scenarios like this in Australia and domestically. Whatever good intentioned desgins programs may begin under, without some kind of integrity check the best that can be expected is ineptness, if not various degrees of corruption and misuse.



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